Toss-Up FREE - 3D Coin Flipping App Reviews

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iOS 11

Please give updates for Apple new iOS 11.

👍🏾Superb. ☝🏾My favorite coin toss. SO SAD they left 😭

We use it *at very minimum* weekly. Too bad the developer(s) went away. (The "Developer website" link goes to an expired domain.) This is a 32-bit app. I think the next iOS will drop support for 32-bit apps in favor of 64-bit apps. As you see from the version history, this app is deserted and unmaintained, too. SO SAD! Our very favorite of ALL coin toss apps. I looked far and wide and couldn't find one as good. I'd pay.


The adds make it stop workin

Not work

How to move


This app is the most lagging game ever!!!😒

Exactly what I was looking for

Sometimes you just don't have a coin in your pocket. As long as I have my phone I do, now.


Perfection! Many options of coins makes it perfect for me and my indecisive girlfriend!


It's good. Go ahead, get it and enjoy.!!

Nice randomizer

I usually take the thumbs-up/thumbs-down coin; whenever I'm undecided, I use this app.

Really good

Exactly what I was looking for but better. It's easy to use and pretty good graphics. The only thing I would say could be improved is the graphics and it looks a little unrealistic when the coin lands. There are a lot of coins to chose from but more would be awesome .

It's good

I like it because I wanted to go as my teacher for Halloween but then I used the blonde or brunette coin and brunette was to go as my teacher and blonde was to go casual and the blonde was the most so I chose my mind , go casual

How does it work?

How do you get the coin to do what you want?

awesome coin toss....

lose the ad's and a 5 star on my part

This app is good for a free one.

I got three(3) heads in a row while keeping it in the (exact) same possition, and another time I got six(6) tails while keeping it in the (exact) same possition. This application doesn't just go "heads, then tails, then heads, then tails" like some say. This apication earns five(five) stars for that reason.

It really works

It really works!!!!!you just have to flip it different ways.

No chance

The first flips always go heads, tails, heads, tails, tails, heads.  Although it's good for winning bets against friends, lol

Super stupid

Dumbest app ever it just switches between heads and tails


It is like a real coin and it is a real 50-50 chance

Like it

It's good for deciding who gets to do things first

Best coin app!

Best coin app. Very realistic


Get it

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